Member Spotlight: Randy A. Davis – art changes but quality endures

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Member Spotlight

Randy A Davis

When I saw Randy A Davis dance sweeping solos, lighting up the stage, I knew this man strived for the highest of standards.   This is a quality common among Broadway artists and necessary for their survival.   What is not common is how Randy has maintained that standard as he has shifted and reinvented his career.  This is trickier than it sounds (and if you are a Broadway artist, you may relate).
From the time Randy was performing on Broadway (GUYS AND DOLLS, PETER PAN, ALL SHOOK UP – also dance captain), toured the USA (CATS) and was cast in the premier of George C. Wolfe’s HARLEM SONG at the Apollo to name a few, to the time Randy shifted into choreography, directing and teaching, there was one big change in showbiz….the internet.   Randy found a need for cost effective, innovative ways to reflect his art, his image and mostly his standards online.
“After consulting with several performers, gypsies and managerial types, we all had the same issue, cost versus quality,” say’s Davis. “We as artist have standards that others don’t always understand, and attaining those standards come at a higher cost.  And with the changing wind of the ARTS, WE as artist now need to take back the responsibly of our craft and it’s content.”  What began as, turned into a business for helping many other artists.
In 2012, Davis partnered with Phoenix Steiner and together founded which has an ‘artist-to-artist mindset approach’ to online marketing.  By combining visual artistry with programming skills, Davis/Steiner produce an affordable web presence for artists and business owners.  And this is great news for all artists in need of affordable, high quality web/video design and social media.  It certainly was for the Broadway Artists Connection, who’s site was redesigned by the Davis/Steiner duo.
The Broadway Artists  Connection is proud to have Randy Davis as a member

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