Member Spotlight: Renee & Peter Liciaga

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Member Spotlight


There are few couples in show business who meet during a show, stay together throughout their fast passed careers, create a beautiful family and support each others individual talents while also building a way to inspire the next generation.  This is Renee & Peter Liciaga.  My life got an extra jolt when I met Renee Chambers Liciaga.  She not only put that snap back in me to have more creativity in my life but also recommended me for choreography jobs and performance opportunities.  Wow!  Now she is my dancing bud and we create together every week.  I am filled with gratitude.  And I see her doing this for so many others.
Let me tell you a little bit about Renee.  Born in Philadelphia, the daughter of the late Roland Chambers  (MSFB) guitarist, composer with Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff of the Philadelphia Sound, Renee has rhythm, dance & choreography in her bones.  She and her husband Peter choose the ultimate gypsy lifestyle hopping from show to show (STARTLIGHT, JOSEPH, WEST SIDE STORY, SMOKEY JOES), literally around the world!  Today, as a Mom, Renee has a deep passion for coaching youth not only in “dance” and “musical theater” but also on how to approach the showbiz lifestyle.   It’s important to her to ease the fears of parents and ultimately protect aspiring performers from pitfalls & dangers in the biz while focusing on “the 3 D’s: discipline, determination and dedication.”
Now, let me tell you about Peter Liciaga.  I desperately needed help getting a presence on web for the Broadway Alumni Connection and Peter was there for me like a rock with unlimited knowledge on every social media device you could name. He is the technology brains behind their latest venture the Performing Arts Resource Site (PARS) for showbiz hopefuls.  But that is not Peter’s only talent.  He is a martial arts & self defense expert & instructor.  Just like Renee, he teaches more than Karate techniques.  Peter is an activist on peace education, bully prevention, leadership and character development.  It is the mentorship he and his wife offer young people that makes them a find for any parent looking to guide their youth into show business.
Together & independently Peter and Renee have been coaching young performers & setting them on paths to succeed in life.  With nearly 30 years experience in “the biz” from around the globe, and strong family values, the Liciaga’s have lots to offer young hopefuls on their Performing Arts Resource Site.  To learn more visit:
We are happy to have Renee & Peter Liciaga in the Broadway Artists Connection.

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