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Randy A Davis

When I saw Randy A Davis dance sweeping solos, lighting up the stage, I knew this man strived for the highest of standards.   This is a quality common among Broadway artists and necessary for their survival.   What is not common is how Randy has maintained that standard as he has shifted and reinvented his career.  This is trickier than it sounds (and if you are a Broadway artist, you may relate).
From the time Randy was performing on Broadway (GUYS AND DOLLS, PETER PAN, ALL SHOOK UP – also dance captain), toured the USA (CATS) and was cast in the premier of George C. Wolfe’s HARLEM SONG at the Apollo to name a few, to the time Randy shifted into choreography, directing and teaching, there was one big change in showbiz….the internet.   Randy found a need for cost effective, innovative ways to reflect his art, his image and mostly his standards online.
“After consulting with several performers, gypsies and managerial types, we all had the same issue, cost versus quality,” say’s Davis. “We as artist have standards that others don’t always understand, and attaining those standards come at a higher cost.  And with the changing wind of the ARTS, WE as artist now need to take back the responsibly of our craft and it’s content.”  What began as, turned into a business for helping many other artists.
In 2012, Davis partnered with Phoenix Steiner and together founded which has an ‘artist-to-artist mindset approach’ to online marketing.  By combining visual artistry with programming skills, Davis/Steiner produce an affordable web presence for artists and business owners.  And this is great news for all artists in need of affordable, high quality web/video design and social media.  It certainly was for the Broadway Artists Connection, who’s site was redesigned by the Davis/Steiner duo.
The Broadway Artists  Connection is proud to have Randy Davis as a member



What do Carol Burnett, Blythe Danner & these ladies have in common? They all got their start in NYC while staying at the Rehearsal Club.  And they are only a handful of the many Broadway “Good Girls” who found a home in the famed 20th Century theatrical residence in New York for aspiring actresses. Opening it’s doors in 1913 to provide a safe place for young women in the big city, it really became a home.  Although it did close in 1979 due to the fiscal crisis, the Rehearsal Club is very much alive today thanks to the women who are dedicated to preserving it’s legacy.  For more info, visit to join as a “Friend of the RC.”
Four of these talented ladies, Denise Pence, Rise Clemmer, Judy Jenson & Sunny Keyser, performed in the second Broadway Alumni Connection show.  What an honor!  We got to hear their story through no other means but an original song “Good Girls Only” composed by the late John Kroner in collaboration with Charles Liepart and choreographed by Eileen Casey.   They brought down the house!
The stories these ladies share and the support they provided for each other certainly inspires my mission with the Broadway Alumni Connection.  We need to know what came before us, what is happening now and be actively involved in our futures.  We need to stay connected with each other.  Not only was The Rehearsal Club the inspiration for the Edna Ferber’s play and film, Stage Door but the ladies of the club today have also inspired a new musical.


There are few couples in show business who meet during a show, stay together throughout their fast passed careers, create a beautiful family and support each others individual talents while also building a way to inspire the next generation.  This is Renee & Peter Liciaga.  My life got an extra jolt when I met Renee Chambers Liciaga.  She not only put that snap back in me to have more creativity in my life but also recommended me for choreography jobs and performance opportunities.  Wow!  Now she is my dancing bud and we create together every week.  I am filled with gratitude.  And I see her doing this for so many others.
Let me tell you a little bit about Renee.  Born in Philadelphia, the daughter of the late Roland Chambers  (MSFB) guitarist, composer with Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff of the Philadelphia Sound, Renee has rhythm, dance & choreography in her bones.  She and her husband Peter choose the ultimate gypsy lifestyle hopping from show to show (STARTLIGHT, JOSEPH, WEST SIDE STORY, SMOKEY JOES), literally around the world!  Today, as a Mom, Renee has a deep passion for coaching youth not only in “dance” and “musical theater” but also on how to approach the showbiz lifestyle.   It’s important to her to ease the fears of parents and ultimately protect aspiring performers from pitfalls & dangers in the biz while focusing on “the 3 D’s: discipline, determination and dedication.”
Now, let me tell you about Peter Liciaga.  I desperately needed help getting a presence on web for the Broadway Alumni Connection and Peter was there for me like a rock with unlimited knowledge on every social media device you could name. He is the technology brains behind their latest venture the Performing Arts Resource Site (PARS) for showbiz hopefuls.  But that is not Peter’s only talent.  He is a martial arts & self defense expert & instructor.  Just like Renee, he teaches more than Karate techniques.  Peter is an activist on peace education, bully prevention, leadership and character development.  It is the mentorship he and his wife offer young people that makes them a find for any parent looking to guide their youth into show business.
Together & independently Peter and Renee have been coaching young performers & setting them on paths to succeed in life.  With nearly 30 years experience in “the biz” from around the globe, and strong family values, the Liciaga’s have lots to offer young hopefuls on their Performing Arts Resource Site.  To learn more visit:
We are happy to have Renee & Peter Liciaga in the Broadway Artists Connection.
Mimi Bessette

Mimi Bessette

I met Mimi Bessette at the last Broadway Artist sConnection Show where she not only sang “And I Will Follow” beautifully but also brought this positive energy and helpfulness to our project. What I learned about Mimi is that she is a doer and a team player and that is why her schedule is booked with an array of projects any day of the week.  These are traits necessary for a sustainable life in theater so it’s no wonder that is her goal and she is living it.
A little background on Mimi.  She landed THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS as her first Broadway show followed by a few Off Broadway and regional productions. This was a time she enjoyed for she got to originate a number of roles in some of the best regional houses as well as national tours.  Naturally, however, she wanted to get back to Broadway and it was her audition for 9 to 5 (which she didn’t get) that led her to an invitation to audition for what would become her most recent Broadway show BONNIE & CLYDE which ran in 2011.
When asked “what would you like to say to those seeking a life in the theater,” I loved Mimi’s answer for I don’t hear this often. “I would personally suggest you get to know your producers.”  Now I have heard artists say it’s important to get to know your directors, choreographers & casting agents but too often I see performers keep an arms distance from the producers as if they are from another world….a world outside of the creative where people wear suits and talk about money.  But Mimi has found a new breed of producer, one where creativity and heart is as much a driver as it is for her.  She speaks in the highest regard for her friend Van Dean (producer of BONNIE & CLYDE, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, EVITA, CINDERELLA, MATILDA and several albums to name a few).
Van Dean not only took the time to get to know Mimi through the shows they did together but he also brought her into the most special project of the year, FROM BROADWAY WITH LOVE, a concert he co-produced in Newtown Connecticut to benefit those from Sandy Hook Elementary.   Mimi reciprocated as well.  She connected him with a caterer, Sterling Affair, who donated their services for the reception.  When producers and artists collaborate wonderful things can happen and there is no doubt the impact of that event will go way beyond the Broadway community.
It is true that we all need each other to make theater magic happen but what I also find is that each and every Broadway Alumni (current performer or former), has an array of talents and ways of expressing them.  I recently learned of Mimi’s album Lullabies of Broadway where her divine voice can soothe any baby (or adult for that matter) to sleep with happy, gentle thoughts & dreams.  What a terrific, creative use of her talents!  Although this album was created a few years ago, sales have recently spiked and another album just may be in the works.  I hope so!  You can buy her album on her website listed below.
The Broadway Alumni Connection is proud to have Mimi Bessette as a member and we recommend you learn more about her at