What is the Mission of the Broadway Artists Connection?

The Mission of BAC is to provide current and former Broadway Artist’s opportunities to stay connected, create new works and share their talents with each other and their communities.

How did the Broadway Artists Connection start?

The Broadway Artists Connection was started in 2008 when former Broadway dancer, Tamlyn Brooke Orlando got the itch to perform again after 5 years hiatus from the biz. However, jumping back into auditions & eight shows a week was no longer a part of her lifestyle. Her dear friend & Executive Director of the Nuyorican Theater in NYC, Dan Gallant suggested that they partner to produce an evening of song & dance and invite her Broadway friends to also perform.

Something special happened at those shows. The performers (many performing on Broadway today) and others who only do so occasionally, not only put on a fabulous show for the audience but also were able to connect with each other in a very meaningful way.

We have found that as the lives & careers of Broadway artist’s mature, they have even more to offer each other and their communties. We share our stories and resources with each other, we create together, we support each other and we inspire others. Thus we have created the Broadway Artists Connection to be a vehicle for Broadway Artists to continue to have a voice and use it for the good of our charity partners.

I am a Broadway Artist. How do I get involved?

If you are a Broadway Artist (someone who has been employed on Broadway), you can join us for free. Here is what you will get:

  • To connect with your peers:
    At our gatherings you are among other like-minded Broadway Artists who want to help each other & their communities move forward. We can also help you connect with peers in different cities so you can host your own gatherings outside of NYC.
  • To vote on your charity partners:
    All BAC shows are fundraisers. You as a member of our exclusive community can nominate and vote on our charities.
  • To perform new works:
    A guaranteed opportunity to perform one number of your choice on a BAC fundraiser at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe in NYC. We provide the space, accompanist, stage manager and audience. You can share your newest work with your peers & we encourage you to take risks.
  • Opportunities:
    Through our gatherings already dozens of artists have made new relationships that have led them to jobs, gigs or performance opportunities. We also have made dozens of connections for our memebers.
  • Resources:
    Many Broadway Artists take their standard of excellence and transition that into another art form such as photography, social media, casting, marketing, etc…
    Knowing these artists in our connection can help you. And don’t forget how many Broadway performers move on to Directing and Choreographing. Through BAC you can build these critical relationships that will help you in life.
  • Online newsletter/Blog:
    Everything communicated to the group is vetted. You can submit a press release about one of your projects or reach out to the group regarding  a need and we will send it out to our members. We want to promote you and we want to do it right.
  • Autonomy:
    Our email list of BAC members is protected! We back check anyone who has selected “Broadway Artist” when they join. We don’t share your contact information!
Can people who are not Broadway Artists be involved?

Yes! Friends of the Broadway Artists Connection can be anyone who’s interested in Broadway or our charity partners. Friends will be invited to events and have the opportunities to perform as well as meet the artists. Friends can volunteer to help out with our events & performances. Friends should join our membership so we can communicate with you and for a limited time there is no charge to join.

How do I make a donation to the Broadway Artists Connection?

More details coming soon…